“Chanting for Charity” to Support the Sunrise School

Sunrise School is a small, local elementary school in India near Madhuban serving 110 children ages 3 to 14. Dr. Anju Khanna and the Sri Aurobindo Delhi Branch Ashram have supported this school from its beginning. When we visited Ramgarh last fall, we visited the school and had the opportunity to spend a morning engaged in music and learning with many of the delightful children and their teachers.

The average fee for a child to attend this school (which uses the state board education model) is 200 rupees a month (the equivalent of $3 US dollars.) Therefore, one of the school’s major challenges is having enough funds to pay its teachers a livable wage. Many of the teachers have to work other jobs to maintain a financial work/family/life balance, and are largely unable to attend educational training programs.

As Friends of Madhuban, we hope to bridge the gap for these dedicated teachers as they are crucial to shaping the future of the students.

The majority of the students at the school are “first generation learners,” and we hope to continue investing in their emotional intelligence and mindful literacy, along with their psychic and spiritual well being. Issues of basic environment concerns and hygiene, or education for peace or aesthetics, beauty and harmony and physical education are not yet part of the curriculum and we need to invest in these to prepare them for an adulthood that has a base for calm and reflection.

This is truly an opportunity to “be the change you wish to see in the world.” Besides making a financial donation, there are opportunities for energy exchanges. Volunteers at the school are always welcome, as are people going to the ashram to work, educate, and assist.

In July 2018, we launched our first fundraiser called Chanting for Charity, where Cheryl Chaffee livestreamed a kirtan event from New York City. We were able to raise over $600 to send to the Sunrise School. It’s a small beginning, but we believe it will continue to expand and grow. Please use the Contact Form if you would like to help.

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